Charleston County Revenue Collections employee arrested on embezzlement charge

Employee of 15 years accused of stealing more than $8,500

Posted by Paul Bowers on Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 4:34 PM

  • Courtesy of Charleston County Sheriff's Office
  • Terrie Mobley

The S.C. Law Enforcement Division arrested a Charleston County employee today on charges of forgery and embezzlement of public funds after an internal investigation found more than $8,500 was missing.

According to a press release from the county, Terrie Mobley had worked for 15 years as a customer service representative in the Revenue Collections Department, the office in charge of collecting more than $59 million per year in fees for accommodations, business licenses, solid waste disposal, and hazardous material services for the county as well as several municipal governments within the county. The department recently discovered that several checks had not been deposited over a four-month period this year, although internal documents had been altered to show that they had been deposited. The county's internal auditor investigated the discrepancies and found that "$8,583.53 in cash and a number of checks were missing from revenue collections deposits," according to the release.


The county turned the investigation over to SLED and the Charleston County Sheriff's Office on Aug. 16. Mobley was fired earlier this week and arrested today.

"The proper handling of public funds is crucial to the county's everyday business," says Charleston County Administrator Kurt Taylor. "Theft of public funds will continue to be dealt with in the strongest possible manner. We have already strengthened our internal procedures to prevent this from happening in the future. Full restitution will be sought from this employee, and other actions will be left up to the Solicitor's Office and the courts."

The release says that all of the missing checks have been recovered, and the county will contact each person or business whose check was mishandled and arrange for a deposit to be made. "No business or person has been penalized due to the missing payments, and the county will pay any costs of reissuance of the checks and then seek these costs as additional restitution from the employee," Taylor says.

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I am glad to see that on going audits are held. This is the law. I guess the "stupid criminals" is not just a saying. Didn't that woman know there are audits? She's been there for 15 years! Ever heard of a "paper trail"? And nowadays, there is also an "electronic trail". I bet the loss to the county is larger, and may or may not ever be discovered. We can only hope she if prosecuted, and sent to jail. No pension, I hope, and if she owns anything, it should become the property of Chas. Co. The lady looks good in stripes. She better get used to that style. It looks like there are lots of these idiots trying to make a fast buck (sheriff, ILA, etc.). Don't they read the news?

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Posted by localhutch on September 13, 2013 at 12:33 PM

Some of the ethnic inefficiencies in government and businesses in the South have little to do with need, but more with attitude and ignorance. You see it every time you have to wait in line for a drivers license or checkout at Walmart; get the wrong order at McDonalds, Burger King or Bo Jangles; get treated with rude indifference, or have to repeatedly go to a government office to get some form filled out; or to try and get admission or financing at some college. Large segments of the South are still being punished for past transgressions, and have to deal with it on a daily basis as they struggle with people who are hired due to the white guilt syndrome, but hardly comprehend the English language. And then on top of that, there are large numbers in certain ethnic groups who feel they are entitle to compensation for crimes committed against their forefathers, even if the have to commit criminal acts to get it. And in a way, you can hardly blame them. If you seriously want to avoid dealing with the punishing effect of ethic inefficiency, you might is well pack up and move to a more homogeneous area, because its is only going to get worst in this part of SC. And thanks to the hate mongering by groups like the NAACP, there is not a damn thing else you can do about it.

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Posted by Justsaying on September 13, 2013 at 8:42 PM
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