Dining Description:  Creative tapas menu that changes frequently. Dishes range from $3-$8. Fifty wines by the glass.

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Hours:  D, Tues-Sat.

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Features:  Staff Pick, Menu

Dining Features:  Dinner, Non-Smoking

Neighborhood:  West Ashley

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I am not Amused. How I wish I'd looked at this website before going to Amuse tonight. It gets a 0.5-1.0 out of 5. We ordered foie gras with fig and proscuitto and asked the waiter where the foie gras was. The proscuitto was very tough and over powering. I doubt if foie gras was in the dish. The salmon tapas was edible but unremarkable...fairly basic and not very good salmon. The steak & frites would be hard to mess up, and it was okay. Creme brulee tasted like it was from a mix but the torched sugar on top covered up a multitude of sins. The Heron Pinot Noir 2005 was tanic and not a good choice.

As for service, we asked our waiter three times to please turn down the music. There were only one other table occupied in the entire restaurant, so there was no need for the blaring and obnoxious music. After the fourth request, the volume was lowered.

When I made reservations, there was the big hoopla about whether we would get there at 7:15 or least 20 tables were vacant the entire night.

The apparent owner came in about 1/2 hour before we left. He stopped by the other occupied table (friends of his, we assumed) but never spoke to us. How we wished someone had asked what we thought of our dinner. Even when I asked the waiter about the foie gras, he didn't ask how we were enjoying the dinner.

$90 later...we'll never return. So much for exploring out of the way restaurants on Post & Courier recommendations! I don't think Amuse will be in business much longer, and I will warn anyone I see about having made the wrong decision to go there.

Posted by mainelysouthern on September 2, 2008 at 10:46 PM

Went there twice in one week had pigs trotter, heart with sausage, goat and house smoked salmon with caper cream cheese. All prepared in house it was YUMMY!

Posted by conciergegirl on August 12, 2008 at 12:39 PM

I agree with Opinionated. I recently ate at Amuse after trying other restaurants in the area (I like to try different ones each week). MY wife and I headed to Amuse with hopes of the trotters and other tapas and were very disappointed in the change in the menu. It lost something of its uniqueness.

Posted by davidgato on September 13, 2007 at 10:05 PM

I love Amuse--they do the food right. I am disappointed, however, that they have significantly scaled back their tapas menu from the old days, and all of my favorites have disappeared from the menu. The pig trotters, the artichoke and prosciutto, the fried manchego . . .I dream of those days. I did recently have the stuffed peppers and they were quite good, but more like an full plate with no sides rather than a tapas-sized portion (i.e., I couldn't finish it). Can tapas not make it well in Charleston? I noticed J. Paulz also has beefed up their 'tapas' portions (and prices) and scaled back on the variety (though the food is also quite good). Just bring back the trotters and manchego!! That's what I loved you for!!

Posted by Ashley C. on September 13, 2007 at 8:49 AM

I eat at Amuse once a week or so and have always been pleased with the experience. I usually stop by after work to have a glass of wine and pasta. The servers all know me by name and the chef comes out to chat when it's not busy. I like the place. By the way; I have always liked my scallops a little under-cooked too. Last nights episode of Good Eats confirms (with diagrams and all) that scallops should be close to raw in the very center, with strata of medium just before the seared crust of the outside, when properly cooked. All things food are subjective however. If you like them well-done then, by all means, have em' your way.

Posted by Hungry Foodie on September 12, 2007 at 12:32 PM

Quality scallops should be cooked to med-rare, which would account for the slightly pink center. Sounds tasty to me.

Posted by yeahright on September 11, 2007 at 12:49 PM

Sat nite 9/1, we called for reservations and were told that if we arrived at 6:15, we could be seated right away, but if it was closer to 6:30 we would have to wait. Arrived at 6:20 and the restaurant was empty!! A few people were seated at the bar, but no one at tables. We had a chuckle over that. Hostess was very earnest, if a little unpolished. She tried to fob "sparkling water" on us ("Try it, it's so much FUN!!), but got only one sucker. (Lisa was appalled later when our bill revealed that she had shelled out $4 for her "special water", while the rest of us drank perfectly good H2O from the tap for free.) Our server, Dani, was lovely, very personable and knowledgeable about food and wine pairings. Food came out quickly, which was great. The two boys ordered stuffed pork tenderloin and seemed pleased with their selections. Lisa ordered the scallop skewers (4 per order), which arrived with completely superfluous skewers (they were removed right away and scallops eaten w/fork). The dish was absolutely sizzling, steam pouring off, and yet oddly the scallops were a little raw in the center; perhaps because they were so enormous they just didn't get cooked through. I had heard that they made their pasta in-house, and so ordered the fettucini w/wild mushrooms and cream sauce. Delicious (fresh pasta is always so much better), although a little soft, not perfectly al dente. Wine pairings were yummy -- I had a refreshing, fruity, very chilly Italian pinot gris w/my pasta; Lisa & hubby had a McKenzie cab that was very tasty. Ambiance note: seated at the 2-top next to us was a couple celebrating 57 yrs of marriage; they must have been in their 70's. Their table was strewn with rose petals; don't know who was responsible for that, but it was a lovely touch. We will go back but will be careful ordering because of the somewhat mixed success foodwise. Ambiance: 4 (out of 5) Service: 4-1/2 (1/2 off for stupid water) Food: 3 Price: most tapas $7-8; most entrees $10+; very reasonable for portion size

Posted by folly dolly on September 4, 2007 at 12:31 PM
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