Best Burger Inspired by a West Coast Burger Chain

The Husk Cheeseburger

March 09, 2011

The Husk Cheeseburger is a study in decadence and the stuff of legend. They take the best quality Southern ground beef (fed exclusively on peanut hay, by the way), grind it with Benton bacon, form it into two thin patties, adorn it with American cheese and thinly shaved onion, cook it in a wood-fired oven, slather it with Husk's house-made special sauce, top it with pickles, and wrap it in a cushy Kaiser-like roll. The Husk Cheeseburger was inspired by the west coast In-N-Out Burger, a favorite Chef Sean Brock. Bite into it and the thing just gushes, a rich, oozing sandwich of love. It's a cheeseburger that'll make a grown man cry.



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