Best Cease-and-Desist Order

Little Caesar's Palace

March 07, 2012

Two years ago, Charleston funnyman Jason Groce started organizing and hosting a local stand-up comedy showcase at the Tin Roof in West Ashley and called it Little Caesar's Palace. The events took place on the last Sunday evening of every month, where he booked dozens comics and purchased a stack of pizzas from a local Little Caesar's for the audience to enjoy. The series caught on. Last August, the club received a surprise in the mail: a cease-and-desist letter from lawyers representing the actual Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, threatening legal action unless the comedy series ditched the name. Groce read the entire letter during his opening set in September. The sign on the club's marquee that night read "Generic Brand Pizza, Comedy, and Lawsuits." They adjusted the name to "TROM" (Tin Roof Open Mic) over the winter. No word from Little Caesar's Pizza yet.



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