Best Place to "Blow" 35 Bucks

Tease Dry Bar

March 06, 2013

When we heard that big-city ladies were dropping big bucks to get their hair professionally blow-dried, we shook our heads a bit. Then when we heard that King Street was getting its very own blow dry bar in the form of Tease Dry Bar, we laughed. We have indeed enjoyed the effects of a good blow-out, but pay $50 for something that'll last a day? We think not. Luckily, Tease's prices are a little more reasonable (starting at $35), and they offer a full range of styling options. It's actually pretty convenient to just pop in for a quick 'do before a date or event. Not that we've done that, ever. Because $35 is still a little too much for our poor journalista salaries.


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