Best Recovery

Nick Collins

March 06, 2013

Seven months ago, Nick Collins was in a medically induced coma. The Fowler’s Moustache guitarist was run over by an 18-wheeler in August after he was ejected from a friend’s car. Soon thereafter, his leg was amputated. But in the months since, Collins has made a spectacular recovery. By December he was getting out of bed, and in January he was well enough to move back home, weeks before a self-imposed deadline. It’s hard to watch his interviews with ABC News 4 without (happily) tearing up — Collins’ positivity is an inspiration to us all. His band and family never gave up hope either, and his friends have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars to offset his medical expenses. We’re sure there’s still a lot of work in store for Collins, but a guy this brave should have no trouble tackling it.

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