Charleston Moves Work to Bike Party 

When: Fri., May 18, 6:30-10 p.m. 2012

What: You know that statistic about how most people drive their cars despite living less than two miles from where they need to go? That’s definitely true for some of us at the City Paper, but we’re not going to name any names. But maybe we’ll take the opportunity that is Bike to Work Week and get on two wheels for at least a few days thanks to local events hosted by Charleston Moves. They’ll kick things off on Wednesday with a Ride of Silence to honor those who have lost their lives while cycling. Friday is the official Bike to Work Day, so various area Piggly Wigglys will offer breakfast treats to bicyclists. And the free Work to Bike Party at the Hippodrome will have New Belgium beer, a silent auction, and live music from Satellite Rodeo. “Charleston Moves would love for every week to be Bike to Work for people — it’s such a pleasant, affordable and healthy way to get around the Charleston area,” Chair Stephanie Hunt says. “We hope folks will give it a try on Friday, if not on other days.”

— Susan Cohen

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Even more than Corvairs, bicycles are unsafe at any speed. Bike lanes take away emergency parking for cars and offer no protection for cyclist. Given the mixture of college, tourist, graying, and teenage auto drivers in the Charleston area, you would almost have to be an idiot to ride along side of traffic on a bike lane. Perhaps this is the reason you see miles and miles of empty bike lanes when driving around the area. Deaths per in traffic bicycle miles must far exceed that of automobiles, and with all the media and bureaucratic delusions about the risk/benefits involved, the death toll is going to get even higher. You will hear NONE of the proponents of bike lanes talking about the safety issue and that may be because they really don't care. Or as mentioned, they are delusional.

Thanks by the way to the City Paper for providing a free forum on such issues since the Post and Courier has gone commerical with its online content. Would be nice of CCP covered more local news or perhaps an open comment venue where readers could post comments on any news topics read elsewhere.


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Posted by And if elected... on May 18, 2012 at 11:29 AM
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