Charleston Tea Plantation 

Description: The working 127-acre farm attracts out-of-town tourists who enjoy the trolley ride through the fields, a tour of the factory, and all the free American Classic Tea they can drink, but it’s worth a visit for locals as well, if only for the requisite photo across the expansive rows of neatly groomed tea plants. The tea is sold loose or in bags and in a variety of flavors like Island Green, Plantation Peach, Rockville Raspberry, and others, which you can buy at the plantation or on their website.

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Neighborhood:  Wadmalaw

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Re: “Eighth Annual First Flush Festival Featuring: The Avett Brothers

★★★★★ ★★★★★

What occurred at the tea plantation was truly the epitome of what our society has become. GREEDY! It was poorly planned in every sense of the word. You cannot have a huge festival on a small piece of land. It should have been very evident to all involved that this was going to be a travesty. Last year, there may have been 1000 people out there truly enjoying the land, music, and people. This year 8,000 people, lines for all of the following: to get in and park, to have a drink, to get some food, to go to the bathroom, and worst of all trying to escape. We sat in the parking lot line to escape for over 2 hours. I love the tea plantation and my blame does not lie with them. It lies solely with the Music Farm production group. You were not prepared to handle this in any way. Now, you have angered so many Charleston area residents. Make sure to remember next time, It is not about the money!!. I would suggest you provide refunds to those who never even got to the concert (yes, cops told people who had tickets to turn around and go home) to save some face. Ticket cap on that show should have been 3500 people, NO MORE. You had over 8000 people out there. Now, I know collectively there has to be more brains in the group than that!!

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Posted by Hill hart on May 26, 2014 at 8:35 AM
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