Is it fall yet? After living in the Lowcountry for over a decade, the belated arrival of autumn still gets me. Gourds sit on porches, rotting before our eyes. The pumpkin spice squad chokes down the flavored lattes while sweating in their cars. Then again, part of the beauty of the Lowcountry’s relucant-to-leave summer is our extended growing season. We nosh on tomatoes and watermelons for ages it seems. But I’m ready to trade my peaches for pecans, my sweet corn for sweet potatoes. With any luck this hot weather will turn and we’ll get to indulge in fall’s best.

I’ve got my eye on Molly & Me’s pralines thanks to our Dirt feature on the company. Then there’s the upcoming October 23 Blood on the River event that’s what I imagine our hunting and gathering ancestors did this time of year. Dozens of chefs and farmers will gather on Wadmalaw to learn traditional Cajun butchering styles, slaughter dozens of animals, then have a feast. If that’s not a harvest party, I don’t know what is. —Kinsey Gidick