Geechie Boy Market and Mill

Greg Johnsman’s Geechie Boy Mill may be best known for grits (they grow their own corn, grind their grits with antique machinery, and sell them to restaurants like Hominy Grill), but corn is far from the only thing the Edisto Island farmer harvests. On the two-and-a-half acres adjacent to their market, Johnsman grows a host of vegetables that he sells directly to the Lowcountry’s best restaurants, from Husk and Peninsula Grill to McCrady’s and EVO. Just down the road, he and his wife tend another 20 acres of squash, tomatoes, garlic, and sweet onions. He also has 2,000 acres that he rotates his corn crops through. “What I sell in my market is what I grow,” says Johnsman. “People that get to know us understand that we don’t have everything every day. Whatever is in season is what’s in the store.” This spring and summer, look out for the sea island red peas and indigo popcorn.

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