Rant: Skinny Starlets



Like many people (mainly women, in fact every woman I know), I've been working hard to get in shape for bikini season. Cutting back the calories, exercising, etc. I'll admit I've gotten a bit obsessive about it at times (like most women I know), but this article helped me put things in perspective a bit. I'm not sure how true all the stories are, but I don't doubt that the most envied Hollywood bodies (even the non-anorexic looking ones) are the least healthy. And while I'm going to keep working toward getting in shape, I think I'll do so with a less obsessive/self-deprecating attitude. What's the point of being skinny if it takes over your life? P.S. I know this has been said before and this is nothing more than a rant, but the article is worth checking out.

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