Charleston Fashion Week: Day 2


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By Greg Hambrick

It was a spring/summer smorgasbord at the second night of the Charleston Fashion Week. Summerville boutique Teal opened the night with a variety of bright, pleasingly patterned spring dresses perfect for sauntering up to the cabana.

King Street's V2V provided a mix of summer wear and gowns that were pleasing from every direction, including the back (which sometimes gets overlooked or simplified by designers).

Tommy Bahama provided surprisingly youthful fashions (including a barely-there bikini that was for Wednesday what the blazer wearing underwear model was for Tuesday). One of the nicer men's shirts was totally marred by the Wings-inspired logo plastered on the back. But the casual  pants were hot.

Biton's styles were some of the hottest of the night and had at least one queen gasping, "You can buy that here!" A particular fave was a desert art inspired long dress with just the right cut and pattern. Two retro cocktail dresses also stood out — one rocked, the other flopped. Stop by Biton and see if you can tell the difference.

Cose Belle was last. We skipped it (didn't realize we'd be providing an essay this morning). If you caught the show, fill in this blank below.


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