Friday Night's White Night Party



WHO:  Kudu Coffee Shop Krew

WHAT: White Party

WHEN: 8 p.m. – until the sangria ran out around 1 a.m.


WHY: To celebrate "creativity, life, LOVE, art music, poetry, you."

Friday night Kudu was stuffed not like a can of sardines, but more like a stuffed olive. Full of locals. The launch of the first White Night Party at Kudu oozed love and creativity from all ends. And the tucked-away coffee joint was packed from the lively courtyard, to the coffee shop, to the photo booth set up in the stairwell — happiness spilled out onto the sidewalk. It felt like a midnight summer's dream, with all the soft white lighting tucked into the tree branches and bushes. Everything tantalized the senses: music and spoken work, mouth-watering food and handmade truffles, visual art and live painting by Nathan Durfee. The fresh red and white sangria loosened the tongue until it sadly ran out. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Leaving the protective walls of Kudu, I was forced to make a mad dash to my car to avoid the onslaught of brand spankin' new fresh meat: college kids. They covered the streets like ants fleeing a disturbed anthill. –Svetlana Minx


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