Big Comedy News: Aziz Ansari Coming to Theatre 99



Never heard of him? I didn't think I had either, 'til I found out he's been on Flight of the Conchords (the racist street vendor who hates New Zealanders) and MTV's Human Giant. He's also a cast member on NBC's spin-off of The Office, and he's performed in Charleston at Piccolo Fringe. The S.C. native might not be a household name now, but he will be soon enough. Special guest Nick Kroll's credits include Best Week Ever, ABC's Cavemen, and HBO's The Adventures of Tim. Performances are Dec. 12 and 13 at 10 p.m. at Theatre 99. Tickets are $15. Call (843) 853-6687 or visit for reservations.

Also, check out this video of Aziz on Flight of the Conchords (from mega-fan and CP music editor Ballard.)


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