SCENE: Bike Co-op Party



Holy City Bike Co-op threw a sweet little party at the Upper Deck and post-party ride last Wednesday night to raise funds for new equipment for their budding nonprofit. Out front on King Street, the Co-op reserved two parking spaces from the city at $10 each, where they offered a complimentary bike valet service, accompanied by some lovely bongo music. Unfortunately the cops didn’t feel the same way — they ordered them to be put away after about 20 minutes. At max capacity, the bar was filled with a lively group of bike enthusiasts, all chatting and enjoying the great deals behind the bar. Dan Kelley, one of the group’s founders, was busy feeding the thirsty people booze, but I did get the chance to talk to him afterward — they made roughly $350 in tips and sticker sales, enough to buy the tools they need. For our visual entertainment, the guys and girls of Street Level Labs, a local art project group, provided throwies (light-up magnetic bike decorations), and Blobber, a software program projected on a drop-down screen, where you can write clever messages and pretty pictures with laser pointers. Out of the 65 people who showed up to party, about 25 made it on the ride. The gaggle of bikers convened at 10:30 p.m. on King Street and Home Spun Hoops gave a send-off performance. There was some concern about the safety issues involved with the after-party ride, but from the sound of it everything went well. While they like to throw a good party, the Bike Co-op emphasized that they are very conscious of the importance of safe riding. Although I was unable to go, I heard the ride was a nice tour of downtown, to the Battery and back. The Holy City Bike Co-op’s next meeting is Feb. 1. Learn more at —Hadley Lyman


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