Welcome Back, RiverDogs



One of Chucktown’s favorite pastimes returned Thursday night, as the Charleston RiverDogs played their first home game of the season. The weather was perfect for the game against the Rome Braves, and tickets sold out early in the day. The players made their way onto the field via a curious procession of local taxi cabs, the National Anthem was played (not sang?), and no one special threw the first pitch (disappointing). From there, we couldn’t tell you much about the game besides that balls were thrown and hit, people ran, and eventually the Braves triumphed. Over the course of the hours we were there, we instead focused our attention on the mascots’ (Charlie and Chelsea) antics, Tony the Peanut Man’s irresistible singing, mullet-counting, beer-drinking, and the ridiculous diversions between innings. (There’s really nothing better than the sumo wrestlers.) The fun was only increased by the crowd of 20-some tourists from the U.K. sitting next to us, who gobbled it all up. They proved that you don’t have to understand baseball to enjoy a RiverDogs game. Hell, you don’t even have to like baseball. There’s just not much that compares to a night at our beautiful ballpark on the Ashley River. See more pictures from the opening game here.


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