PHOTOS/VIDEO: Eye Level Art takes 25 artists prisoner

Lock It Up



Ever wonder what it's like being locked in a room with 25 artists? Joanna Jackson is just one of artists participating in Eye Level Art's Lock-In, which started last night, and her tweets said it all: "Anson's got boiled eggs, Dooley's got chili. Didn't they get the memo? WE R LOCKED IN A ROOM TOGETHER." [edited] And they will be until Saturday night, when the lock comes off and the public is invited in to see (and buy) what they've created. The reception is from 8-11 p.m. Until then, check out this late-night video Jackson filmed from inside the walls of the gallery.

CP Web Editor Joshua Curry stopped by around 2am to check up on things and came back with this slideshow.

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