Redux wall will ask your pre-death wish

Before You Die



A City Paper sales staffer recently gave us the scoop on the next Redux mural project — because she’s the driving force behind it. Account Executive Nicole Diefenbach was so inspired by the Before I Die public art project in New Orleans that she wanted to bring it to Charleston.

Candy Chang spearheaded the original project back in February, turning an abandoned building into a chalkboard on which anyone could scribble their hopes and dreams. Diefenbach pitched the idea to Redux, the board approved, and it will go up — replacing the current mural by Bob Snead and Seth Gadsden — in October.

“I was inspired by the sense of community the wall brought to all walks of life in New Orleans and wanted to bring that inspiration to Charleston,” Diefenbach says. Chalk will be provided so that anyone can share their biggest life goals. See the inspiration behind the project at Diefenbach is hoping to collect $1,000 for supplies — including paint, rollers, brushes, tarp, stencils, gloves, water bottles — via Kickstarter.

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