Spoleto Festival USA online auction now open

Spend for Spoleto



The Spoleto Festival USA online auction launched today, and we’ve already got our eye on a few items.

We’re thinking of going for the Dock Party with Gate Theatre, a party with 40 of our closest friends (and the cast of Hay Fever) on Crosby’s Dock complete with a bar and hors d’oeuvres (valued at $7,500). Or maybe we’ll bid on the Tim Hussey original (valued at $10,000). Or the “Shoes for Every Season” from Bob Ellis ($1,500). Or the Festival Finale Package featuring Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole (pictured, $300). Heck, maybe we’ll get all three. After all, the auction benefits a worthy cause, the Spoleto Festival Orchestra.

Check out the selection at biddingforgood.com/spoletousa/2012 through Feb. 12. For a little more excitement, check out the live auction on Feb. 3 at the Memminger, which includes a private concert by jazz singer Nicole Henry. Find out more at spoletousa.org or by calling (843) 720-1114.

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