One week in, Wicked is already shattering records

No One Mourns the Wicked



Wicked just wrapped up week one of its two-week run at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center, and, as expected, the show has already broken box office records. Tickets sales in the first week exceeded $1.1 million with more than 14,000 guests attending the show. We loved it, and we know we're not the only ones.

Rachel Chesser, the PR and Marketing Director at Charleston Museum, shared her love of the show on City Paper's Facebook page. "The costumes — hands down — were my favorite part," she said in an interview. "They were absolutely stunning. So steampunk with stylized bustles and bold, rich fabrics. And, such variety and attention to detail on the garments. I would love to see behind the scenes of their wardrobe department ... This was one of the best musicals I've experienced — up there with Spamalot, Evita, and Chicago."

The PAC's Alan Coker assures us there are still some good seats left, but if you have the time, you should try your luck with the ticket lottery we wrote about last week; it worked for Chesser. "The lottery was just as easy as the article in CP mentioned," she says. "We arrived at 5:30, put our names in the bowl and waited until 6 to see if we had won. The majority of the people (maybe 25-30) walked away winners that night. It added another element of fun to the evening, for sure."

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