Theatrics Unlimited moving out, Artist & Craftsman moving in

Curtain Call


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There's no hiding it, Theatrics Unlimited is prepping to shut its doors - ERICA JACKSON CURRAN FILE PHOTO
  • Erica Jackson Curran file photo
  • There's no hiding it, Theatrics Unlimited is prepping to shut its doors
After 37 years in business, Dr. Sharon Willis has announced the closing of her King Street costume shop Theatrics Unlimited. “We are liquidating our stock,” she says. “We’ll no longer have a brick and mortar presence. I will still have Theatrics in name and do custom makeup and work with film though.” While local thespians may be saddened to hear the news, the arts community ultimately wins as Artist & Craftsman Supply will soon expand adding a second location in the old Theatrics space.

“We hope to be in there this fall after some remodeling,” says Trever Webster, owner of Artist & Craftsman Supply.

Though Willis says it’s bittersweet to close up her business, she adds, “I’m so excited the building will be maintained by professional artists.” And artists, actors, or Halloween enthusiasts should take note, until Theatrics tentative closing date of Aug. 12, everything in the store is for sale.

“Right now retail merchandise is 40 percent off. Rentals stock is marked up 1.5, so if an item was for $49 for rent, it costs $75,” says Willis. So hot foot it to 981 King as now’s the chance to buy that Renaissance gown or Santa suit you’ve always wanted.


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