Video: Check out Persimmon Cafe's new "adventure"

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Local videographer Kyle Victory just put out an “artistic adventure” video for Persimmon Cafe, the small sandwich-and-soup shop that opened a couple of years ago inside the old College Laundry.

The video shows a young group of friends picking up a Persimmon lunch to take to the beach for a day of surfing. "Persimmon asked me to create something that was not an advertisement for the cafe, but a celebration of Charleston culture and lifestyle," Victory says. "I literally just borrowed an old Volvo, called up a few of my pals and asked if I could film them doing what they do best — chillin', surfing and of course, eating some of the most delicious sandwiches on the peninsula. Persimmon and I hope that people watch it and feel inspired to stop being stagnant, grab some paninis and go explore the beautiful city we live in." 

We like this kind of advertising: It’s stylish, happy, and subtle, and will make you want to grab a Persimmon sandwich for yourself the next time you’re out and about.

Victory also works as a graphic designer and artist — you can see that work on her website as well. 


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