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Charleston artist Timothy Banks' cover illustration for Paste Monthly's Maker Issue - PROVIDED
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  • Charleston artist Timothy Banks' cover illustration for Paste Monthly's Maker Issue
When he’s not contributing to the City Paper, local illustrator Timothy Banks also finds the time to showcase his talents on the cover of Paste Monthly. Launched last fall, the monthly publication takes the time to explore a single topic from various angles through long-form features and essays, with each issue featuring Banks’ work.

“I’ve been working with Paste for several years now. I’ve probably done about 20 covers, at least, for them. What’s cool is now they’ve switched over. They still have their weekly issues that they put out, but in September, they started doing Paste Monthly,” says Banks. “It’s a bigger collection of articles, a lot more proper articles. Josh Jackson, the editor over there, before he started, he asked me if I’d be the cover artist each month for each of their issues. It’s been really nice because they give me a lot of creative license, even though the topic might be very specific.”

For the most recent publication, Banks was tasked with creating a “whimsical factory” for Paste’s Maker Issue. The result was a bellowing assembly line complete with thick, black smoke, mechanical arms, and a giant eyeball or two. For Banks, each issue is a chance to display his slightly skewed take on the world, while reaching a growing audience.

“There’s all kinds of history going through my head, like pop culture history,” the artist says. “I’m sure Monty Python’s in there and Inspector Gadget — different things going on with the different references in my head that I can pull into the factory. It was a lot of fun building it.”

To see more of Banks’ work, visit or check out the artist’s personal website at

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