Redux hosts multimedia artist Lucien Shapiro next Thursday

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When we saw Redux's Instagram earlier this week — a post that read "live performance: Fear Collecting Ritual: A fools journey" — we knew we needed to know more about Lucien Shapiro, the artist behind the show coming to Redux on Thurs. April 14. We gave him a call to learn more.

"The evening starts with a short film," explains Shapiro. "It's based on the idea of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil." The film is followed by a live performance of fear collecting, which Shapiro describes as, "offering a space for people to process something." 
The show's attendees will write down their fears and other concerns and then place them in a vessel. When Shapiro's touring show has returned to California, he will burn all of the fears.

Shapiro has a BFA in sculpture, and has experimented with different forms before landing on vessels and masks (more on that shortly). "I was making toys and figures, weird creature forms. It wasn't going anywhere," he says. "Then something happened in my life to change my direction." 

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He started making masks and weapons, borne out of desire to both hide and protect himself. "My first mask was made out of G.I. Joes," he says. He calls his material now, street diamonds — glass collected from cars that have been broken into. During the fear collecting ritual Shapiro wears his light collector mask, whose jaw is made from crystals he collected as a kid.

Charleston will mark Shapiro's 11th live show. How's he feeling about them so far? "It's harder and more intense than I was expecting," he admits. "I didn't expect it to have such an impact."

Local band Clint4 will be performing alongside Shapiro. Learn more about Shapiro here. 

The Light Collector Ritual from Lucien Shapiro on Vimeo.

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