The Art Institute presents 'The Second Set of Stairs: The Slave Dwelling Project' tonight

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You may have heard of The Slave Dwelling Project: founded by Joseph P. McGill, this organization is a nonprofit that works to identify and preserve former slave dwellings — outbuildings on old plantations. The project is special in the way it educates people about slave dwellings — by having them stay in one overnight.

Students from the Art Institute of Charleston worked with McGill last fall and this winter to provide the Slave Dwelling Project with photographs and video to be used on the organization's social media. Students from the art direction class also created handouts to give to those interested in the project.

Tonight from 5-8 p.m., these students will present their photos, videos, and design projects at the Art Institute. McGill will also be present, giving the talk, The Slave Dwelling Project: Past Present & Future Project.

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