Mt. Pleasant Town Council votes to keep Moe's mural

In defense of public art


  • Connelly Hardaway
Congrats, Moe's. Last night Mt. Pleasant town council voted in favor of the Houston Northcutt restaurant keeping its mural, painted by Sergio Odeith and featuring images of the late John Lennon, Al Capone, and Marilyn Monroe.

The decision to keep the mural comes six months after Moe's originally lost an appeal to keep the mural, a piece of art ruled as violating signage space and usage by the board of zoning appeals.

The Moe's mural debate did lead to some changes in the town's sign rules; in April council changed the rules so that non-commercial signs, including murals, are treated differently. Coleman Boulevard's Smoke BBQ restaurant benefitted from this change. While the change didn't apply to Moe's, it did allow Smoke to keep their mural in addition to a regular business sign.

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