Not even adorable kittens or a Ninja Warrior can rattle Distil Union's new shades

We can Maglock that


If you want to test the durability of a pair of your new sunglasses prototype, go find a kitten, I always say.

For local industrial design house Distil Union's latest Kickstarter project, they've embarked on a series of trials for the new pair of Maglock magnetized sunglasses designed to stay put when you clip them onto your shirt. Because if you design a set of magnetic sunglasses, why wouldn't you use them as an excuse to visit Pounce Cat Cafe or Carowinds? Distil Union's new Maglocks reached their Kickstarter goal within just a few hours of their launch, but you can still reserve your set of shades for the company's first run.

Here's a rundown of the stress test the Distil Union crew has put together so far:


Because if they stay put when you bend over to pick up your now-cracked iPhone, but they can't a sudden onslaught of fuzzy cuteness, who cares?

Kyle K'Otic Johnson

Because even if you can front flip over a dozen people but your sunglasses go flying, you might as well pack it up.


Because the people-watching is less obvious with sunglasses.

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