Comedy Fest darlings Reformed Whores sing about sexual misconduct in "Keep It In Your Pants"

It's simple, really


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Reformed Whores, the NYC-based duo comprised of Katy Frame and Marie Cecile Anderson, visit the Charleston Comedy Fest every year, bringing with them such tongue-in-cheek tunes as "Girls Poop Too," "Whorny," and "Southern Cumfort." The act is a big hit with audiences and the subject matter is always on the nose — someone's gotta sing it like it is.

Earlier this week Reformed Whores released a song, "Keep it in Your Pants," as a response to what they call "this sexual misconduct drama." As usual, Frame and Anderson's voices are sweet, but their words are biting. They sing relatable lines like:

"Of course I think the patriarchy should be dismantled / but not if it means all my favorite shows get cancelled / so keep it in your pants, or all my favorite films won't stand a chance."
The Reformed Whores are us (we liked House of Cards as much as the next guy), when they croon, "Stop publicly rubbing up on your crotch — or I'll have no TV left to watch."

Of course the song is satirical — Frame and Anderson know that sexual misconduct allegations are far more serious than no longer being able to watch our favorite TV shows. But in the shitshow that is 2017, why not laugh a little?

Check out the full video below. 

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