S.C. native Aziz Ansari takes home Golden Globe

Master of a lot, actually



We here in Charleston have always been fans of Columbia, S.C. native Aziz Ansari, because he's funny, sure, but also because he graced a City Paper cover years before the rest of the world even knew who he was (please see Piccolo Fringe, 2007). And while we sensed his talent long ago, the winner of Best Leading Performance in a TV comedy (Netflix's Master of None) wasn't so sure of himself last night.

In his acceptance speech Ansari said, "I genuinely didn't think I was going to win because all of the websites said I was going to lose." He went on to thank Italy for "all of the amazing food we ate in season two," as well as his parents, who play his parents on Master of None And if you only heard the bleeped version of the speech, you didn't miss much — that censored line was just Ansari saying, "I'm glad we won this one because it would've really sucked to lose two of these in a row; it would've been a really shitty moment for me, but this is nice."

Ansari visited Charleston for the first time in 2006 for the Charleston Comedy Festival — which is coming up next week, by the way. At the time Brandy Sullivan told City Paper that the emerging comedian was "awesome." Indeed he is. Check out potential future Aziz Ansaris at the Comedy Fest, which kicks off next Wed. Jan. 17. The full schedule is online and you can purchase tickets for shows as low as five bucks. Stay tuned for full coverage, hitting stands next week.

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