Children's Museum raising money to replace exhibit vandalized on Saturday

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Today the Children's Museum posted a link to a fundraiser to rebuild their Raceways Exhibit, which they say was vandalized this past Sat. Oct. 13 at 2 a.m. According to the museum, "three men hopped the fence, ran through the museum's backyard, and pushed over our much-loved Raceways Exhibit, completely destroying it in the process." You can help the museum raise money for a new exhibit by donating online.

The Children's Museum posted security footage of the event from this past weekend and are asking anyone with information to email or contact the Charleston Police.

The Raceways Exhibit was the first exhibit purchased for the museum 16 years ago and the museum estimates that it has "been loved by 1.75 million children and families" in that time.

Children's Museum executive director, Nichole Myles, says that the Raceways exhibit was more valuable than one might assume. Myles says, "It's difficult to find things that withstand the exposed environment and are both safe and fun on the rough terrain, which isn't as friendly as we wish it was. Raceways was originally installed inside the museum — more than 10 years ago— and has been a longtime favorite (if you read the posts on our Facebook page, you'll see that). It's built from plans once available from the Boston Children's Museum capturing the rules of physics using ball play. A 'kit' for those plans is still available today — just the plan and collateral (no actual exhibits) is $15,000."

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