Redux partnering with CofC on rotating sculpture garden in Wagener Terrace

Welcome to the Grove Street Sculpture Garden



If you've driven down Grove Street recently you may have noticed a house that stands out. In a sea of quaint bungalows, single houses, and ranchers, there's one house that stands in stark contrast to traditional Charleston design, featuring metal siding and large, reflective glass windows.

The house, built by Kevan Hoertdoerfer Architects (KH Architects), is located next to an empty lot; and with Redux Contemporary Art Center and the College of Charleston, there are plans to fill that property with sculpture.

The rotating sculpture garden will help to promote architecture as an art form and feature a changing selection of student and faculty pieces. The large-scale sculptures will vary in subject matter, style, and material.

Redux's director Cara Leepson says, "The Grove Street Sculpture Garden is intended to highlight the complexity of outdoor sculpture and showcase the richness and talent of the College of Charleston student and faculty artists. This comprehensive, open-air exhibition space will be enjoyed by visitors from all over the region and will celebrate the medium in a serene environment."

A taste of Carey Morton's work from his 2017 Redux exhibition - FILE PHOTO
  • File photo
  • A taste of Carey Morton's work from his 2017 Redux exhibition
The first exhibiting artist is Carey Morton, an adjunct professor at CofC and former artist-in-residence at the Gibbes Museum of Art. Morton has also had his work exhibited at Redux in a series, Harbinger, which acknowledged "both tangible and intangible attributes of human dependence on nature and visceral experience."

Redux will host a private opening reception of the garden on Sept. 26, open to all Redux Auction Sponsors. If you're interested in being a sponsor, check out your options here (those who are 'Ashley level' and above can attend the garden reception).

After the opening the garden can be viewed during private, guided tours facilitated by Redux (email to set one up) or through the open architectural fence line.

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