Local author's new book encourages kids to appreciate the environment

Raising the next generation to care


"A Walk Along the Sea" by Ben Pogue - PROVIDED
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  • "A Walk Along the Sea" by Ben Pogue
Lowcountry author Ben Pogue has released his new book, A Walk Along the Sea, published by Starbooks and Lydia Inglett Publishing. The book encourages a love of the natural world, gearing future generations toward a conservationist attitude.

A Walk Along the Sea is illustrated in a watercolor that takes readers into the environment, the verses of the extended poem uncovering the simple mysteries of the natural world.

“My father’s work speaks to readers of every age and stage of life, and shares the connection between families and our connection with nature,” said Ben Pogue III in a press release. "It symbolizes the journey toward appreciation of conservation efforts and it calls to the simple acts of preservation that heal and replenish our world."

The book is available for $24.95 in hardcover and can be pre-ordered here.

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