Creekside Comedy Night hosts Costaki Economopolous, Jan. 24-25

Former joke-writer for Jay Leno and Bette Midler


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Notorious comedian, Costaki Economopolous, heads to Charleston for two nights only for performances at Creekside Comedy Night, Jan. 24 and 25 at 9 p.m. Tickets ($15) can be purchased online.

Economopolous is best known for his frequent appearances on the Bob & Tom Radio Show with his former weekly broadcasts appropriately dubbed "The Economonologue."

As someone who has written jokes for Jay Leno and Bette Midler, Economopolous has been living his lifetime dream as a comedian for 20 years, and is known by some as one of the bigger names in comedy. Currently, you'll find Economopolous talking sports on his Quick Snaps podcast.


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