Harold's Cabin hosts Chess Challenge with Charles Lee this Thurs. Feb. 20

Can you defeat a prodigy?


Harold’s Cabin hosts a Chess Challenge with Charles Lee, a long-time member of the Harold’s Cabin family, this Thurs. Feb. 20 at 6 p.m.

Lee never turns down the opportunity to learn from a master or take on a challenger so he is welcoming all lovers of chess this week.

Many customers know Lee, nicknamed Charles in Charge, but do not know that he is a chess prodigy who began playing the game at the age of 11. During the challenge this Thursday Lee will play up to three opponents at once within a 20 minute time limit. Harold’s Cabin will award a dinner for two to any player that can beat him.

Those interested in challenging Lee can contact Harold’s Cabin at (843) 793-4440 for details on the event.
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