Charleston protest documented by local photog Raven B. Greene in ‘TIME’ magazine

"I need to capture this"


  • Raven B. Greene | New Moon Visuals
Charleston native Raven B. Greene had one of her photos featured in TIME magazine this week as part of a photo essay, "'We Just Want to Live.' Photographers Share What They Experienced While Covering Protests Across America."

Greene's image was taken last Saturday during Charleston's Marion Square protest which saw protestors rallying in solidarity with the uprising in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd after he was restrained by police last month.

"I was blown away by how beautiful the protest was," said Greene.

Her image depicts a woman in the middle of a chant, holding a megaphone and cardboard sign.

Greene described the scene to Time: "This woman was displaying such frustration and raw emotion, chanting, ‘NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE, BLACK LIVES MATTER.’ No words could express how emotion-inducing these words felt from this young woman."

"There was so much positive energy out there that day," said Greene. "I felt it. [I thought] I need to capture this. You can just see the emotions."

At just 24-years-old, Greene has been working under her creative moniker, New Moon Visuals for five years. And last November she quit her 9-5 and has been pursuing her photography full-time, thanks to the encouragement of local mentors like Black Dave and the late Drew Gardner.

"People always tell me my work makes them feel a certain way," said Greene. "I have people tell me my photos are like poetry to them. That keeps me going. I always want people to feel something. I want my pictures to tell a story."

Follow Greene on Instagram @newmoonvisuals.

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