Sushi Haru rolls up N. Myrtle Beach



When you order a sushi roll dubbed the North Myrtle Beach, what do you expect to get? Mullet and waffle? Gay dolphin and calabash shrimp? At the new Sushi Haru in Mt. Pleasant, you get tuna, salmon, asparagus, avocado, cream cheese, flying fish roe, peach yogurt sauce, and crushed walnuts (seriously), a combination that proves to be much more interesting than the land of pancake houses and all-you-can-eat seafood buffets.

Along with the N. Myrtle Beach roll, the menu has 121 items (numbered for your convenience) that range from the Russian Roulette Roll (do you take the chance?) to the No-Name Roll. Along the way, you’ll hit places like North Carolina, Las Vegas, New York, and Miami. Then there’s concoctions like Daddy’s Girl, the Hurricane, and Fire, an unforgettable roll with spicy crunch crab topped with torched scallop, scallions, with sweet spicy mango sauce. Yowza. That’s a good one.

Sushi Haru is the retooled offering from Tom Pham of Pho Bac. The little dining room has been renovated, although it still feels a little utilitarian. Patrons can easily watch the sushi masters at work from across the room, thanks to a a large television screen mounted over the sushi bar that monitors their knife and rolling skills. A very cool feature.

The menu has some hibachi plates, regular choices like shumai and gyoza, and great seaweed salads. The Sunomono Salad ($8.99) came with thin slices of fresh tuna and salmon layered over cucumbers, avocado, and seaweed.

They’re open for weekday lunches and dinner from Mon.-Sat. Check it out. They’re located next to A.C.’s in teh same shopping center as La Hacienda at 1035 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. (843) 859-6743.

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