Boulevard Diner on James Island!



This news has me pretty stoked. I was already excited at the prospect of Mustard Seed moving into the old Locklear's space on Maybank Highway. It would mean a bigger dining room and more parking. But then I found out that Sal Parco has plans to turn the old space into a Boulevard Diner!

What's that I hear? The sound of James and Johns Island residents rejoicing? Hell yes it is.

I talked to Sal's right-hand woman, Andrea Sherman, earlier this morning and she told me that she's in charge of reading the comment cards from Boulevard Diner and the requests for a diner on James Island have become a running joke between her and Sal. I'm just glad someone actually reads those things and takes their suggestions seriously.

The Mustard Seed switcheroo will happen pretty quickly, probably within the next month, while the Boulevard Diner change will take longer. Parco plans to upfit the kitchen and redo the dining room to have more of a diner feel.

In other Sal Parco news, he's renovating a space in Mt. Pleasant for a corporate office, which will enable their catering operation to expand, and he's also planning to offer his employees health benefits.

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