Boathouse on Ellis Creek open for bidness



The Boathouse on Ellis Creek opened its doors, right on schedule, last Friday. They're still putting finishing touches on the place. No doubt, they wanted to launch on V-day/SEWE weekend, since all the locals would be avoiding the madness downtown.

They’ve completely transformed the place, inside and out, and have added a much-needed amenity — valet parking. As anyone who drove past the old Mimi’s on a Sunday afternoon can attest, the parking along Harbor View can be treacherous.

According to an email announcement this morning, they'll start serving lunch on Wednesday and brunch on Sunday.

I stopped in for dinner last night with the family and discovered the same Boathouse that I remember from downtown — a big menu with interesting sushi rolls and fresh seafood choices. Everything we ate was tasty, particularly the crabcakes and the ginger-glazed tuna. One complaint: I wish the prices were cheaper. Three adults and two kids racked up a $150 bill pretty quickly, although, to be fair, we did have wine, beer, four entrees, and two orders of sushi. But, overall, I'd say it's a great addition to James Island's paltry dining scene — particularly once the raw bar gets going. I can see myself dropping by for fresh oysters and a beer on a regular basis. The outside deck and back bar are still being finished, but you can bet that it will be hopping out there as the warmer weather rolls in.


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