Thanksgiving stuffing, an easy recipe

Bread, butter, scallions, parsley



My mom has been making this Thanksgiving stuffing for as long as I can remember. She learned it from my dad's grandmother, an immigrant from Slovakia whose nickname was Kitchy, because she was always in the kitchen cooking up something amazing like rugelach or paprikash.

My mother grew up in the upstate of South Carolina, where the food was Southern and the dressing was made from cornbread. She married my Yankee dad and moved up North, where she picked up all kinds of interesting culinary tricks from Italian neighbors, Jewish friends, and Eastern European family members. She even started putting stewed tomatoes on her mac and cheese, a la the Pennsylvania Dutch.

The first time she told me this recipe, I couldn't believe it. First of all, the ratio of a couple sticks of butter to a loaf and a half of bread is ridiculous. But damn, it's good. I've had plenty of guests for Thanksgiving over the years, and no matter what else is on our table, this stuffing gets the most adoration and attention. It's that good. Here's the recipe verbatim from my mother's mouth:

Thanksgiving Stuffing

loaf and a half of bread (cut into cubes and leave out to get stale over a couple nights in aluminum pan)
couple bunches of scallions, chopped
fresh parsley, chopped

Melt a couple sticks of butter in dutch oven. Sauté onions and parsley in butter. Add bread to pot, coating with butter/parsley/onion mixture in batches.

We stuff as much as we can in the bird's cavities and serve it in a separate bowl. It always gets eaten first. I wish I had a picture.

The bread choice is up to you. For years, my mom used classic white bread, but then we started incorporating wheat. We generally mix the two, which gives it a multicolor look and a whiff of nutrition (ha).


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