Thanksgiving: the hierarchy of food

Tiers of enjoyment



My husband breaks our family feasts down into tiers. There's first-tier foods, second-tier foods, and then there's the rest of the crap we take the time to cook and serve that he completely ignores. I guess that's the curse of being a skinny guy with limited room. You've got to take time to prioritize the plate.

Here's his breakdown:


First tier: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing
Second tier: Cranberry Sweet Potato Bake (this has almost made its way to the first tier, he says), green beans
Third tier: Brussels sprouts, creamed onions, rolls
Not even on a tier: fresh cranberry relish, sweet tea, gravy

Desserts have their own tiers.

First tier: pumpkin chiffon pie
Second tier: chocolate pecan pie
Not on a tier: pecan, cranberry apple

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