Quick Bites: New Moon Pizzeria

To Johns Island we go for pizza pie


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Let's try this again. Due to operator error, my earlier post on New Moon Pizzeria was overwritten by my post on the Drop In Deli (kvetch, kvetch, kvetch). After forcing my web editor to spend 30 minutes trying to solve, I'm simply going to have to rewrite the thing.

Here goes.

Stopped by New Moon Pizzeria & Pub on Johns Island (2817 Maybank Hwy.) last week to check out the neighborhood pizza joint, which opened last April. I hadn't been yet, but my parents live nearby and have eaten there a few times. My mom likes the pizza and my dad gave both a thumbs up and a thumbs down to the burger. Why he'd order a burger at a pizza joint is beyond me, but he ordered for a third time when we ate there last week and gave this third one a thumbs up. Take that for what you will.

We ordered the Original, which comes with cheese, pepperoni, sausage, green pepper, and mushroom. The crust is super thin and crispy, which I liked a lot.


The chef's salad (I briefly flirted with the Atkins Diet last week. Too much meat.)


My take: New Moon Pizzeria is a cozy, welcoming neighborhood pizza place. The pizzas are unique with creative combos, zippy tomato sauce, and crispy crusts, which get soft quickly, so you should plan to eat it there if you like it crispy.

Pros: Friendly service, good pizza, deliciously crispy housemade potato chips that come with the burgers
Cons: Food is slow coming out of the kitchen, the small dining room was overwhelmed by a large TV blasting the audio of a football game the night we ate there (can you save the sound for the folks at the bar?)


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