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Back in June, a new Korean restaurant opened in West Ashley called Rice B. For some reason, I am just now hearing about this place. Being a fan of Korean food, I think I'm gonna like it.

Rice B proprietor Gina Broms
  • Rice B proprietor Gina Broms

Run by South Korean Gina Broms, Rice B is about being healthy and authentic. Broms says she uses a stir-fry method of cooking that reduces the need for heavy sauces and excessive oil. The menu is simple and streamlined with appetizers like dumplings (12 for $5.99) and lumpia (nine for $6.99). Entrées range in price from ($6.99-$8.99) and include classic dishes like Bulgo-gi (grilled marinated beef served with rice, vegetables, and tempura), squid and pork teriyaki, bibim-bap (a bowl of mixed vegetables and meat), jab chae (clear sweet potato noodles with vegetables and beef), and katsu chicken or pork cutlets (served with rice, salad, and vegetable).

Beef bibimbap
  • Beef bibimbap

Rice B is located at 351 Mary Ader Ave. off of Glenn McConnell Parkway. I’ve added them to my list of places to check out soon. You should too, and if you get there before me, please come back and fill us in on what you think.


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