Thanksgiving Eve: A good time for beer

Twas the night before Thanksgiving


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October has the German celebration of beer. November has the American feast to end all feasts. If only there was a way to merge the two months into one long, gluttonous season. Novemtober might be a figment of my imagination, but Novem-Beer isn’t.
Social is hosting the Novem-Beer Thanksgiving Eve Dinner to remind us why gourmet food and beer are such a brilliant pairing. Wednesday night, guests will be served four German-inspired courses paired with different beers brewed locally by Holy City Brewing Company.


The night starts off with a Tanglewood pheasant over spaeztle, a German pasta dumpling, served with the Holy City Pilsner, a crisp German-style beer. The first course will feature a grilled rabbit sausage served with the Holy City Pluff Mud Porter, and the main course is described as a potpie of venison and mushrooms. It’s stewed in a red wine sauce and served in a puff pastry bowl with the Holy City Oyster Stout.

Social’s new Executive Chef Jesse Sutton is particularly excited about the final dessert course, which is a Bosc pear caramel tart served with the Holy City Pecan Stout. In keeping with the rustic theme of the meal, Sutton says he took pecan shells from his yard and smoked them in a crème Anglaise, which tops the caramel tart. “It matches the flavors of the nutty toastiness from the Holy City Pecan Stout,” Sutton says. “It’s a way to finish the European meal with an American dish.”

Call (843) 577-5665 for reservations. Tickets are $55.


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