Free coconut cake from Peninsula Grill?!

In all its glory


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Even if you’ve never shelled out the dough to eat at Peninsula Grill, chances are you’ve heard of their famous coconut cake.

Twelve layers of pure coconut and vanilla indulgence standing five inches high, the cake is so popular that the folks at Peninsula ship them worldwide at $100 a pop, plus shipping.

Sound a bit too pricey?

“Like” Peninsula Grill on Facebook and you'll be automatically entered to win one of the show-stopping cakes in their monthly online giveaway. Each month, a new question will be posed. Contestants may be asked to share favorite stories about Peninsula Grill or simply be asked to ramble about their obsession with the award-winning coconut cake.

Show your love and receive your 12-pound prize. Share with up to 15 friends or keep it all to yourself — the cake stays fresh for a solid week and can be frozen for up to three months.


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