A tasty Chef's Potluck despite the rain

Spring has Sprung


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Farmers and chefs teamed up on Sunday afternoon for what may have been the tastiest fundraiser of the year. Middleton Place was flooded with more than mud and rain, it was awash in butter beans, radishes, butter lettuce, soft shell crab, and a whole host of deliciousness.


At the Husk table, above, Chef Sean Brock used fresh vegetables from Rebellion Farms to make a sparkling bite of pickled shrimp salad.


Kevin Johnson's dish at the Grocery came together late, as did most chefs, who had to wait in some cases to find out what their farmers and suppliers would be providing them. Regardless of the substitution of tatsoi for English peas, his gnocchi dish was one of my favorites.


The Matts of EVO (Russell on the left, McIntosh on the right) served a shot of cool strawberry gazpacho (using Lowland Farms produce) and a hearty bite of kobe corned beef on focaccia.


Josh Keeler and crew of Two Boroughs Larder were given some of Clammer Dave's finest bivalves to use. They created a savory little broth for the critters and threw in some Benton's bacon for good measure. Their second dish was a vegan salad of radishes, butter beans, tofu, and bagna cauda.


Lettuce wraps from Cru. Fact: I will never tire of a good lettuce wrap. Such a refreshing bite.

All in all, it was another great year for the Potluck, and once the skies cleared, we headed over to see the farm animals. Baby spring lambs. Yummy.



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