Life After Top Chef, the Charleston episode recap

Lambs and Clams forever!


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Last fall, former Top Cheftestant Jen Carroll and a crew rolled into town for an eating tour, which we picked up on via Twitter.

Craig Rogers, Jen Carroll, and Travis Croxton
  • Craig Rogers, Jen Carroll, and Travis Croxton

She came back in March for the Charleston Wine + Food Festival and met back up with her crew: Craig Rogers of Border Springs and Travis Croxton of Rapahannock Oysters. You might remember them as the Lambs and Clams guys who shucked many bushels of oysters for a random collection of people on the Battery during the late nights of the festival.

At the time, Craig was generous with details on where the crew would be filming, and even got me some face time in front of the cameras with Jen (Thank the lord I didn't make it to the final edit, but I was ready to be mortified by my drunken stupidity on TV. Definitely dodged a bullet on that one).

So, here I am, watching a rerun of the episode that aired last night. We had tried to work with the folks at the festival to put together a viewing party with Craig and Travis, but unfortunately it didn't happen. And then I fell asleep before it came on last night.

In the episode, Jen comes to Charleston straight from the Aspen Food and Wine Festival and meets up with her pals at the Grocery to chat about finding investors and opening a restaurant. Spotted in the background: Ben Berryhill of Red Drum. Kevin Johnson gets some nice camera time, serving up some lambs and clams.

Wow, there's a lot of footage of lame stuff in this show. Fabio does a church charity. Spike eats dinner with his family. Richard Blais talks about stress with his angry wife. Sheesh. Life after Top Chef seems pretty depressing.

Then, finally, it's back to Chucktown for the rainy Lambs and Clams afterparty under the tent (and torrential rains) at FIG where she serves some food, chats with Hugh Acheson, and does a lot of shots. At least she's having a good time.

I don't have time to watch the rest of the episode, but it's nice to see the Lambs and Clams guys get some national TV promo time.


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