Angel Postell resigns from Charleston Wine + Food

Surprise surprise



Mayor Riley and Angel Postell at the 2013 festival
  • Mayor Riley and Angel Postell at the 2013 festival
Over the weekend, founding executive director Angel Postell turned her resignation into the Charleston Wine + Food Festival board of directors, citing a desire to strike out on her own and return to public relations. Postell's tenure with the festival comes to an end on the heels of what many were calling the best festival yet.

She says she's been thinking about this for about a year and finally decided it was the right time. She will remain with the festival for three more months and help the search committee find a replacement.

In a blog post, she wrote: "So many will ask why, and my only answer is why not. I never intended to run the Festival and always wanted to get back to doing my own thing. It is time. I am ready."

She plans to relaunch her boutique public relations, but says she will remain involved in the festival as a volunteer and will do whatever she can to support its future success.

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