Soft Shell Crab Walk begins now

We'll be crawling sideways all day



Softies at Two Boroughs Larder
  • Softies at Two Boroughs Larder

Soft-shell crabs come around only a couple times a year, and because I can get away with it, my friend and I are embarking on a soft shell crab tour in about 45 minutes.

We'll start off at Bacco for lunch at 1:45 and then head over to see Kimberly Carroll of Kimberly's Crabs. We spoke with her yesterday and were saddened to hear of her husband Bobby's passing in February. Kimberly has been left with a big job to do all by herself: supplying Charleston's demand for softies, which have been hard to come by. They've been slowly crawling onto menus around town and this weekend seems to be the high-water mark for their availability.

Bobby Carroll, RIP
  • Bobby Carroll, RIP

My partner in crime is Harry Root of Grassroots Wine Distributors. I'm hoping he's bringing along a cooler full of grower's champagne to help us get through the day.

Our itinerary for the day is packed (see below). We'll be stopping by each place for one order of crabs before heading off to the next. Follow along on Twitter — @cpeats and @harryroot #softies — or come join in. We'll be publishing a recap in next week's paper and dedicating our day to Bobby, a swell guy who's sorely missed by his loved ones and his community.

(*confirmed crabs)

*Bacco 1:45
Kimberly's Crabs dock 2:15 p.m.
*Glass Onion 3 p.m.
*Two Boroughs 3:45
*Rue de Jean
*The Green Door 4:30
The Ordinary 5:15
Grocery 6:00
Macintosh 6:30
FIG 7:15
High Cotton 8:30
Cypress 9:00
Husk 9:30
McCrady's 10

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