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Going to a roast? Don't leave home without it. - C. HAINES
  • C. Haines
  • Going to a roast? Don't leave home without it.

Even though the temperature is dropping, cold beers are oyster roast essentials. Once you've read Robert Moss' rundown of what you need to know this season, if you want to venture away from the fizzy yellow stuff, here are our picks for a few quality canned cold ones you can grab before you head off to your next backyard roast.

  • Jonathan Boncek
  • Classique

Stillwater Classique (4.5 percent a.b.v.)

There’s always been debate whether champagne or beer pair better with oysters. Classique is the best of both worlds, being an approachable Belgian Pale Ale with a crisp, dry finish that closely resembles champagne, but Belgian farmhouse yeast and Cascade hops add complexity and fruitiness.

Ellie's Brown - PROVIDED
  • Provided
  • Ellie's Brown

Avery Ellie’s Brown Ale (5.5 percent a.b.v.)

Oyster stouts seem to be all the rave lately, but what about a brown ale that pairs with oysters? Many of the canned stout offerings these days would completely dominate the flavor profile of an oyster, but a good brown ale such as Ellie’s Brown lets the oyster shine — think salted caramel chocolates: rich creamy chocolate, subtle nuttiness, and a touch of smoke that plays well with the briny, seafaring snack.

  • Jonathan Boncek
  • Hipster

Evil Twin Hipster (5.5 percent a.b.v.)

Forget the name, this beer is actually hip. It’s a great example of an American Pale Ale (APA) — medium bodied with a citrus hop aroma and an almost perfect malt-hop ratio (the hops have a slight edge). If you’re looking to show up at an oyster roast with a brew that gives you the hoppiness you desire without going over the top, this is the beer for you. It’s full of flavor but remains light at only 5.5 % a.b.v. Skinny jeans and thick rimmed glasses sold separately.

  • Jonathan Boncek
  • Gose

Westbrook Gose (4 percent a.b.v.)

Wanna go local? Pick up a six-pack of Westbrook’s super tart gose (pronounced “Gose-uh”), a German-style sour wheat beer with coriander and salt added that’ll add an extra brininess to a cluster of oysters. Fruit? Save it. Gose acts as a nice stunt double for the lemon wedge.

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