Trattoria Lucca to quiet down (in a good way)

Vedrinski springs for silence


Opinions on Ken Vedrinski's Trattoria Lucca have been amazingly consistent. His food, particularly the seafood preparations and fresh pasta, is transcendent. And the space is loud. Really freaking loud. 

Scan a site like Urbanspoon, and people get colorful with their descriptions of the decibel level:

"an experience of eating inside of a Jet engine"


"Although it is loud, it's worth it for the food."

"The noise issue — valid. They really need to deal with it — sound baffling is cheap and EZ to install." 

Well, diners, your complaints have not fallen on deaf ears (tee hee). Vedrinski is installing acoustic panels to quiet down the loud little space, so get on over there and show him your gratitude by soaking up the quietude along with a plate of freshly made gnudi. 


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